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Finding Fate

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“Documentaries that do Good in the World”

"Finding Fate" on PBS

Levinsky Park

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JLTV (Jewish Life Television)

Levinsky Park — email

Jury Selections/Awards for Levinsky Park

David Bromberg Unsung Treasure

Available on iTunes and Amazon and Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Good Footage Productions

U.S. DISTRIBUTOR-Brainstorm Media

international distribution-
Peter Georg

2014- ON PBS NATIONWIDE! check your local listing


Heart of Stone

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DISTRIBUTOR- Brainstorm Media

Available for purchase and download on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu, Dish, Fusion

Cable Broadcast- SHOWTIME & TMC
Internet- Hulu
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The Right to be Wrong

National Film Network

Born in Buenos Aires

National Center for Jewish Film

Tribute to Mr. Fein

Good Footage Productions, Inc.