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David Bromberg Unsung Treasure
Feature Documentary (2012)

Bending musical genres and collaborating with hundreds, we take an in depth look at New York American roots musician, David Bromberg's rise to fame and contribution to music history.

The film chronicles Bromberg's 22 year break from music, during which he became the largest American collector and appraiser of violins and a full time violin maker, as well as his return to performing and promoting the music scene of Wilmington, DE, his adopted home.


Home use, 73 minutes

Heart of Stone
Feature Documentary (2009)

When Ron Stone becomes the principal in 2001, it is overrun with gangs. Undeterred, he dons a bulletproof vest to engage with the neighborhood and enlists the help of African American and Jewish alumni to raise much-needed money for essential materials. Fearless, he convinces the local leaders of the Bloods and Crips to help keep kids in school and to graduation. Stone is a modern American hero.





University/High School/Community Group use, 84 minutes*

* preferred version

University/High School/Community Group use, 60 minutes

Home use, 84 minutes

Download the Heart of Stone Curriculum Guide here.