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Beth Kruvant - Director & Producer
Beth Toni Kruvant
Director & Producer

Levinsky Park (65 min), 2016,
Where the journey for African Asylum seekers begins in Israel. Global refugees struggle to overcome adversity in a new land fraught with insecurity and conflict.
Levinsky Park, where African Refugees begin their journey in Israel.
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Beth thanks her wonderful crew and fabulous editors for making her award winning films possible. She directs all films for Good Footage Productions. She is a graduate of Barnard College, Nova Law School, and NY Film Academy. Listed below are details of her roles in recent productions. For complete information about the members of Beth's team involved in the creation of each film, please visit the films section.

David Bromberg Unsung Treasure (73 min) In 2012, after seeing David Bromberg perform at Levon Helm's midnight ramble in Woodstock, NY: "He was on fire", Beth mused," but where has he been all these years? And if I'm wondering, I bet others are too." Next step was to interview David and see if there was a story that could reach beyond hard core fans. Connecting with David's savy manager, Mark McKenna,and corrdinating an interview, an inspiring story was found. How exciting to be able to enter the world of music and chronicle David Bromberg's comeback and life with violins for a year and half. A truly soulful musician, I am honored to have filmed.

Heart of Stone (84 min) 2009,
Heart of Stone takes place at Weequahic High School, Newark, NJ 2007. Before making this film, Beth was looking at the highschool her father graduated from in January, 1940. She also spent her childhood visiting her grandparents in the Weequahic Section of Newark, NJ; the same place that Philip Roth immortalized in his novels. Before becoming a filmmaker, she practiced law in Newark with her father. She has no greater pleasure than to give back to a place where she is culturally rooted and to help rebuild Newark by creating this film.

The Right to Be Wrong (60 min)
In 2005 Beth visited family and friends in Israel. There she was able to document the political situation through their eyes. By exploring this reality, the film seeks to bridge the gap and break down prevalent stereotypes among Palestinians and Jews. In doing so, it gives an overall understanding of the region today. This is the Israel behind the news headlines, the stories of ordinary people in an extraordinary land.

Tribute to Mr. Fein(20 min)
While working on Heart of Stone, Beth was asked to make a film on Coach Lester Fein, from Weequahic HIgh School, Newark, NJ. whom she interviewed three months before he died. So she quickly interviewed the players who knew him to create an ensemble of tribiutes to their beloved coach. 2007

Born in Buenos Aires (40 min)
After hearing that the Argentine Jewish Community fell with the rest of the nation into a deep economic depression, Beth visited the community to document the extent of the poverty. Two years later, the government collapsed and there were riots in the streets of Buenos Aires where 40 people were killed by the police. Beth returned to revisit friends and explore the effect of the bombing of the Jewish Center to the Jewish Community of Buenos Aires as well as bring attention to the need of the Jewish poor who sought refuge in emigrating to Israel. 2003

Our Mission

Good Footage Productions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing a new lens to it's audience through documentary filmmaking.

By discovering new realities we learn to better understand and accept one another.

"No matter how ugly the world gets butterflies will always be beautiful. Can't catch this butterfly." -------- Jonah Kruvant, The Last Book Ever Written